Internet Explorer

With successive releases of the Internet Explorer browser, changes have been made with the way web pages are processed. Some of these changes may affect websites written previously, while others change the way newly-written websites are processed. Luckily, the Internet Explorer team has recognized this and built in a feature to mitigate these differences. It is called "Compatibility View" or "Compatibility Mode."

If you are navigating this website using Internet Explorer and find that you encounter issues, you may try setting the browser in "Compatibility Mode." There are at least two ways to achieve this.

First, locate the browser's address bar. There will likely be an icon to the right of the address that looks like a torn sheet of paper. Clicking this icon will turn on Compatibility View and reload the page in this mode. (See image below)

Addressbar Compatibility View Button

Alternately, Internet Explorer offers the "F12 developer tools" which can be accessed by simply hitting the F12 key on the keyboard or following the steps below to set the browser in Compatibility Mode.

  1. In the top right of the browser window, click on the settings icon that looks like a gear.

    Settings Icon

  2. Select the menu item "F12 developer tools."

    F12 Developer Tools

  3. Finally, in the developer tools pane, click the Browser Mode menu item and select the menu item "Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility View." Next, click the Document Mode menu item and select "IE7 standards" (if necessary).

    Browser & Document Modes